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Stand With Louie for Texas Attorney General in the Fight to Save Texas

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Why Louie is Running for Attorney General

With Ken Paxton under indictment for securities fraud and facing a federal investigation for bribery and corruption[1,2], Louie Gohmert is running to save Texas and restore honesty and integrity to the office of Attorney General.

Recognized as one of the most conservative members of Congress, Louie fought to help President Trump build the wall and protect Texans from the surge of gangs, drugs and human trafficking. As Attorney General, Louie will stand up to Biden, Pelosi, and the radical left’s assault on Texas.

  • Fight to protect Texas’ right to secure our border against ANY illegal entry
  • Sue the Biden Administration and resume construction of Trump’s border wall
  • Crack down on voter fraud and ensure that Texas elections are free and fair
  • Fight Biden’s vaccine mandates and lockdowns
  • Protect religious liberty, the right to life, and the 2nd Amendment