A Committed Conservative for East Texas

  • “A terrific Congressman and great patriot.”
    – Mark Levin
  • “Three cheers for Louie Gohmert!”
    – Rush Limbaugh
  • “One of my favorite Congressmen.”
    – Sean Hannity
  • “He is outstanding. He's a winner. He's a champion. He’s a warrior – Louie Gohmert!”
    – President Trump

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Howdy Friends,

Texans have long held the reputation of just telling it how it is. This offends a few people along the way, but we know that you’ve got to stand for the truth.

It’s time we bring truth and straight talk back to Washington. There are people destroying the country I’ve sworn to protect and love with all my heart, and now it’s time to stand up, no matter who gets offended.

Kathy and I ask that you stand beside us, as we demand that small government, personal responsibility and honesty return as the foundational principles in Washington.